Why let kids order food for themselves?

Right from the early age, you might want to consider helping your children get accustomed to making THEIR own decisions, this helps them build belief in themselves…and show them that their choice MATTERS.Observing different families, I noticed that kids who are more independent deal with tough situations better, then those who are overprotective. In my culture (Russian) kids are brought up where they need to obey parent’s rules… they can’t express their own views on different subjects, they just need to do as parents say…it leads to child shutting down and just follow the rules, and when the child grows up, he has a hard time making decisions and dealing with stressful unexpected situations because he was always protected and the decisions were made for him. Here (in USA) parents encourage children to express themselves, give them several options to make the choice from an early age…Mark Hoverson shared that he allows his kids order stuff for themselves, so I started to give my kids more options (freedom of choice), it helped them tremendously in boosting their self-confidence…

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