100% Toxic-Free Disinfectant, Sanitizer (RAW CHICKEN/HUMAN EYES) Test!

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Thanks for watching our “demonstration” video. Please enjoy the clinical data sheet on Sanitizer: http://goo.gl/0XZDDQ. The objective of this “demonstration” video is to measure contamination levels before and after product use. To measure contamination levels, only the counter top surface is swabbed, in other words the tip of the medical swab only comes in contact with the counter top surface and nothing else. At no time do we physically touch the tip of the medical swabs, only the counter top is in contact with the swabs. The swab is then inserted into a special tube with a liquid solution, that is activated and released once the cap is snapped. Jane wiped her hands after touching the chicken with a white napkin soaked in Sanitizer to kill bacteria. Jane also sprayed Sanitizer on her eyes to kill all bacteria. To further validate the video, it is left uncut and unedited, so results cannot be altered “off film”. The disclaimer at the end of the video shares that the FDA has not evaluated the statements in the video and that products do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Thank you, Essanté Organics.

Essante Organics Sanitizer For Body & Home

Simplify and experience Essante Organics Sanitizer, the 1 multi-purpose antibacterial and cleaning product that replaces every toxic cleaning agent and antibacterial treatment you own. It’s safer, works better and purifies instantly. 100% certified Toxic Free Active ingredient: safe, effective stabilized oxygen Antibacterial (Kills 99%-100% of bacteria: see chart) Antifungal (Kills 99%-100% of Fungi see chart) Antiviral (Kills 99%-100% of Viruses see chart) Purifies & sanitizes: nothing can live in stabilized oxygen Safe for all ages & nursing mothers Safe for the body (see details) Safe for all surfaces (see details)

Safely and effectively cleans and disinfects the body: Athlete’s Foot Canker sores Fever blisters Underarms Acne Eczema Psoriasis Skin tags and warts Manage wounds Manage infections Safe for nursing moms, pregnant moms, infants

Safely and effectively cleans and disinfects all surfaces: Glass: streak free shine Fabric: pillows, sheets, towels, removes tough stains Kitchens: granite, formica, tile, countertops, stovetops, food prep areas, sinks, appliances Floors: tile, granite, most wood floors, most carpets Kid’s areas: toys, highchairs, play areas, diaper bins Bathrooms: sinks, counters, tubs, showers, toilets Doorknobs, metal, plastic, and most surfaces Office: furniture, phone receivers, keyboards, computer screens Gym equipment Most jewelry Pet bowls and pet areas The problem: Most households are filled to overflowing with harmful, dangerous, poisonous, noxious cleaning agents. Have you ever asked yourself why people lock their cleaning products up, out of harms way, away from their toddlers, only to use them on every surface in their home? Every time you inhale and smell Windex, or Lysol, or your floor cleaner, or furniture polish, etc., you are inhaling toxins that can accumulate in the lungs, bloodstream and other organs and they can cause serious harm. The solution: Simplify and experience the 100% certified Toxic Free, all-in-1 cleanser, deodorizer, and disinfectant: Sanitizer by Essante Organics. Enjoy one powerful product that does it all: it makes glass & windows sparkle brilliantly with a perfectly streak-free shine! It cleans, purifies, sanitizes, cleanses, disinfects & deodorizes everything. Replace all surface cleaners, Lysol-type products & body aids right now. It is an exceptional all natural, safe anti-bacterial that kills 99% of germs on contact safely & organically. Bacteria can cause havoc: If a cold sore is lurking under the surface, spray once on the lips. Use on acne or to help eliminate a bacterial infection. Spray on the feet to stop itchy athlete’s foot. It can be a strong armor & flu-fighting aid as it manages bacteria & other pathogens effortlessly during flu season & all year. Mini Sanitizers: Order this large 8 oz. Sanitizer to fill empty mini 1 oz. Minis are perfect for passing out as free samples, traveling on airplanes, stuffing in stockings, or promotional gifting. Pack 1 in your purse, briefcase, car, gym bag, desk drawer, diaper bag, backpack, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, and locker. Keep 1 with you always to quickly sanitize your hands & all surfaces you are about to come in contact with. Everyone will ask about it & then they will order it from you. Packaging and storage: This product is packaged in a solid white container to protect the active ingredient of stabilized oxygen. Avoid storing in the sun or extreme temperatures for best performance.

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