Multiple interviews with Ray Higdon (True Rags to Riches Story)!


About Ray Higdon

Ray went through child abuse, drug abuse, it took him 5 years to finish high school… It didn’t keep him from changing his life around…

Just a few short years ago, Ray was in personal foreclosure and devastated as a former real estate investor. Just a few short years later was able to bounce back by building a network marketing business. He’s passionate about helping people do the same.



Full 15 minute interview with Ray

Questions we go over in this interview:
Could you ask everyone what was the traffic method that generated their first lead?  Did they call their first leads if they left a phone number and if so, did they try to sell or just offer help? What was the turning point in their business that took it from struggling in darkness to forward movement towards success?
What they would do today if they were just starting out to avoid overwhelm, cut to the chase, and get results.
Out of all the ways to market a biz, What one method should a new person learn first to get started? Also, what habits and behavior did you have to learn to provide more and more for your team as you get bigger.
Could you ask Ray how did he create massive duplication in his team before he became the company top earner? I heard him say he did offline and online prospecting from the start, but it was mostly online prospecting that built his success to become the top earner. Could you verify that he didn’t start blogging and building a list until after he was the top earner in his company?

FULL 12 minute interview with Ray

about importance of mindset

Ray has a 6 week transformational course about Mindset…. which we cover in the interview, here is a tiny bit I grabbed from his description:

It is time to divorce the negative emotions that run so many people’s lives. My goal with this course is to change the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Here are the details and how you can participate…

  • Shift your negative emotions to positive (regardless of your circumstances). IF you are in a really bad part in your life, this course may just save your life.
  • Help you understand exactly how to get more results out of every single action in your life
  • How to live positively even with negative people in your immediate life

If you want to check out Ray’s “The Power Mind” course and get my “Social

Media Manual for Beginners” course as a bonus, then click on the picture BELOW.



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