Jane Orlov’s Story (Timid Russian Housewife to Hot Social Media Maven in under 9 months)






I was a “Special Guest” on Jason Spurlock’s call with over 1000 people on the line all over the world, I shared my story with all the details about what I did to get to where I am right now, how I battle with fear, rejection, negative influence….how I leverage small victories…

The call was a huge success, it got more views, downloads… then any other call they had…. I got a huge amount of people reaching out to me thanking for sharing this valuable information… so I edited the call and I added all the pictures of the details I was talking about… so it turned out to be like a 30 minute documentary “Jane Orlov’s Story – Journey to Success” Enjoy! Would love to hear feedback if you found it helpful…. you can find me on Facebook by clicking¬†HERE.


Jane Orlov went from timid Russian housewife to hot Social Media Maven in under 9 months and she’s our featured guest on the Wake Up To Success call.
Jane is the creator of the Video Journal and “Social Media For Beginners” and gets her point across without the hype. With her style of authentic marketing, her motto is that anything can be achieved with determination!


About Jane Orlov

Russian born, used to feel like unworthy, stupid, overweight housewife with no purpose, then transformed into self-confident, fast growing internet/network marketer, hanging out with LEADERS ... "Hot chick" with BIG goals....All that using videos as a medium plus some marketing tricks! I can help you do the same CLICK HERE to find out how...


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