Jane Orlov interviews Michael Bernoff (Founder of The Human Communications Institute)

Michael Bernoff Interview with Jane Orlov
Many who have experienced the power of his message have called Michael Bernoff a “miracle worker”. Because Michael is a results coach blessed with the unique ability to zero in on exactly what people need to experience remarkable transformation in their lives.

While the incredible changes they experience may seem like a miracle—the reality is, Michael believes we all have the capacity for greatness. And those who have had the privilege of hearing Michael speak will confirm they experience a startling new clarity, vision for their future, and sense of purpose that had previously eluded them.

Michael has the ability to not only cut through the clutter and obstacles that keep most people stuck in a rut—he does so in a warm, energized, and entirely honest way that inspires his audiences to action. Because more than a momentary “motivational high” resulting in little else but feeling good for a short time—Michael’s clearly defined strategies are not only actionable and achievable, they are durable too.

His background as a top performer in direct sales, a corporate recruiter, and effective sales trainer created the foundation for success—and left Michael with a unique understanding of the needs and challenges of those in all types of business, especially involving direct sales.

As the developer of Human Interactive Technology (HIT), and a gifted communications expert, Michael has successfully worked with individuals, organizations, businesses, and corporate leaders who share the desire to rise above inertia and instead provide dynamic leadership, both in their own lives and the lives of others in their spheres of influence.

It’s been said that “iron sharpens iron”—and Michael is the “iron man” who can sharpen your perspective and ability to achieve anything you want. In fact, you just may call him a miracle worker too.

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