I am a model! Whoo-hoo :-) Organic Facelift that works wonders!


For those of you who don’t know, but I am very actively building Essante Organics, which is a network marketing company that specializes in a whole catalog of 100% Toxic-Free, Chemical-Free and Organic living… So recently we launched an amazing skincare line and I got to be a model for the application video 🙂

How awesome is that? lol  Would love to hear some feedback comments below….

1 – Anti-Aging Repair Cream
1 – BioEnhanced Facelift
1 – Vital Eyes Eye Cream
z3… Zoom back in time & look younger in 3 minutes! z3 BioEnhanced Facelift Duo is a 100% certified Toxic Free & organic 2 step facelift system that moisturizes, firms, tightens, lifts, reconstructs, repairs DNA and generates both collagen & elastin. It also eliminates wrinkles, bags, dark circles, acne and puffiness. It’s for men & women who want younger skin instantly. Results are dramatic and permanent. z3 is Essante’ ORGANICS patented, gold-metal award-winning Bio Tri-peptide, scientifically proven to repair DNA and generate more collagen & elastin than any other ingredient on earth. This intense formulation includes today’s most renowned, organic, anti-aging ingredients including: z3 Botanical Stem-Cells, White Tea Leaf Extract and Malachite mineral. It delivers such dramatic results, we dare you to only use it on half your face.

1. Apply Anti-Aging Repair Cream in upward strokes to face & neck. Wait 30 seconds.
2. Apply Vital Eyes Eye Cream & makeup (if desired).
3. Apply BioEnhanced Facelift gel, lift & hold above each area you desire major lift.
4. Do not rub or apply other products after BioEnhanced Facelift gel is set.

.100% certified toxic free & organic
. 98% effective in immediate, measurable, long-term, permanent results
. 93% improved elasticity, produces 17 times more collagen & elastin
. 92% improvement of firmer, fuller skin
. 90% of subjects found skin more tone, firm, healthier, plumper & moist
. 77% increase in lifting
. 78% increase in hydration, stimulates water holding for youthful look
. 75% of subjects noted immediate smoothing effect
. 56% reduction of dryness
. 50-80% of skin is held up in position by Facelift gel (Step 2) once dry
. 10% decrease in jaw line profile (firmer skin along jaw line)
. Significant decrease in progerin (main cause of wrinkles & sagging)
. Eliminates/minimizes wrinkles, stress lines, smile lines, imperfections
. Eliminates under eye dark circles, bags & puffiness
. Rebuilds, repairs the dermis & epidermis, promotes cell cohesion
. Repairs DNA, increases skin’s metabolism, creates clear, glowing skin
. Re-sculpts & relaxes the facial muscles
. Educates cells to break every 28-32 days, occurs in young 25yr old skin
. Results within 2-5minutes, takes 5-10 years off your appearance
. The FDA has not evaluated these statements
. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease

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