Did you know your body can heal ITSELF? ALKALIZE…If something hurts check it out!

Did you test your PH lately? and WHY should you!!! Google “Why Alkalize”?
Document from which the slides were taken here: http://goo.gl/4Z9a0
So Why Alkalize?
There are many systems in the body that must function within a balanced state. Yo
ur temperature (98.6), your levels of blood sugar, oxygen and carbon dioxide and yes, your pH! The delicate balance between the acid and alkaline level of your body fluids, should be at least 7.2-7.4, slightly alkaline. When you keep your body in a slightly alkaline state, you have the greatest chance of restoring yourself to a better state of health and thus increasing your vitality.

When the body is in an acid state; infection and disease may have a greater chance to thrive. Acidity has also been linked, as a contributor, to various chronic degenerative conditions….



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