Why I chose Network Marketing as a lifelong career and Why I chose Essante Organics! Jane Orlov, Jenya Russian Firecracker

Highlights of Network Marketing Industry:
HUGE personal development, invaluable leadership skills, communication skills, marketing skills, inspire other people, change people’s lives, working with people you love, tax advantages of a small business…
Highlights of Essante Organics:
Love educating people with third party validation from EWG (Environmental Working Group) Go to http://www.EWG.org/skindeep and enter your favorite product that you use the most and check the toxicity levels of the ingredients!
* 100% Organic, Toxic-Free, Chemical-Free
* Over 70 pages of certifications
* Only 6 companies in the world carry Toxic-Free Foundation Seal
* Very stable, debt-free company
* Pre-momentum, fast growing
* Best compensation plan: no flushing, no caps, unlimited depth (no level cut-offs)
* No website fees, no admin fees, etc
* Free quarterly training Great Green Events
* Global company in many countries
* According to CNN organic global spending is at 8% right now and will rise to 98% over the next 7 years
* Catalogs build companies: we have over 70 products in the catalog, and hundreds more already formulated
* Welcome internet marketers (open to different ways of marketing, no limitations)
* #1 unsolicited publicized network marketing company (has been featured on TV, radio and in multiple magazines without paying for advertising more then all the other network marketing companies combined).
1. Once a person purchases the $29.95 website they may purchase whatever products they desire, whenever they want at a 30% discount. This savings can pay for itself with just the first order.
2. That person may decide to or not to do the business BUT their enroller can still place that person in their organization. The enroller and others can build below the person who purchases the website. Since we build only 2 legs, if someone builds as we teach, that person can receive spillover.
3. Does the company charge a monthly website fee? Essante’ Organics does not. Many companies have you pay $10-$20/month to get full access to your website, e-commerce shopping cart and password protected back office. We pride ourselves in not nickeling and diming the Executives especially when it comes to essentials necessary to build their business. When a company charges those fees, the company wins, not the field because these are typically NON commissionable expenses. If you have extra money to spend we’d prefer you purchase more chemical free and organic products from us. When this occurs your household is healthier and your enroller and above can get paid.
4. Is Personal Volume (auto ship or a monthly order) required to be eligible for a check? With Essante’ Organics, a website owner is eligible for 1 of our 6 checks with no monthly financial commitment. They can be eligible for more checks with a 40 POINT/month order, even more checks for a 75 POINT/month order and they can be eligible to max out the compensation plan with a 100 POINT/month order. Many companies have you paying $120/month before you can be eligible for any compensation. Obviously people who “get it” will be products of the products. Leaders would never purchase products from a competitor especially when Essante’ Organic’s ingredients are superior.
5. Is your monthly order in a category that you would have purchased regardless of being in that company or not? With Essante’ Organics, we have built and continue to expand upon a catalog of every day consumables. Toothpaste, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizers etc. We create items everyone uses everyday BUT we make those products 100% Toxic Chemical Free and Organic. When one understands this, they realize much of their monthly money that they invest in their health with Essante’ Organics products would have been spent on chemical laden inferior products at their local store. Compare this with a company that has you purchase your everyday consumables at the store as usual, but then has you spend $100/month on a juice, pill, coffee or protein powder.
6. Essante’ Organics has never nor will ever change the compensation plan. If a company changes or “enhances” the compensation plan, It rarely (if ever) benefits the bulk of the field. It typically means more profits for the company and occasionally the very top distributors.

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