4 Beliefs and 3 D’s to have to SUCCEED in Network Marketing

4 beliefs and 3 d's

I did a presentation over the phone for my primary company yesterday, and I believe that these are very important topics that I covered and would help you in YOUR business… My presentation starts at minute 14 of the call and goes on for about 30 minutes…




The 4 Belief and 3D’s in Network Marketing with Jane(Jenya) Orlov

4 Beliefs:
1. Believe in the Industry, are people making money in this profession? (BE CONFIDENT) it’s a legitimate industry (it’s just a way of distribution to the end consumer) bypassing the middleman!
Recommended book “FIRST YEAR IN NETWORK MARKETING” by Mark Yarnell…
2. Believe in the Company (vision of the company, do they have the vision that you are passionate about to promote long term for 15-20 years?”
3. Believe in the Products, do people NEED your products and services? Network Marketing people get paid to move/promote the products to the end consumer. Do you use the products yourself, have you experienced benefits from using the products?
4. Believe in YOURSELF! That you can do it,

BELIEF IS ELEVATED AND BUILT BEYOND BELIEF AT LIVE EVENTS!!!! Where you can see successful people that they are the SAME people, not any different that you…!

TREAT THIS OPPORTUNITY as a “GIFT” that could change somebody’s life for the BETTER
A lot bigger VIEW of this then just selling stuff… When you believe with your CORE, there is a different energy about you, people want a piece of this excitement (when you catch on FIRE)

You can’t become competent if you are not doing it… Make mistakes, learn from your experience, and every time you will do it you will be more confident

3 Dos:
1. Decide! If you desire to change, then you have make a decision and take every steps in changing your life around, we make decisions every day! Decide that you will work this business, like no other, you will either succeed or “die trying” “burn the bridges”, people who succeed in this profession, have a very strong “WHY” and they have no other option then to propel forward.
2. Develop… skills: (communicating skills, inviting to the presentation skills, closing skills, presentation skills, team building skills, leadership skills).
3. Do! Talk to people, build relationships, if you work on your skills great, attend meeting building belief, but those are not profit producing activities, the profit producing activity is EXPOSURE, how many people did you talk about your business today?

The only way to the money is exposure ( not studying, not book reading, or attending the meeting without bringing anybody…

It’s not get rich quick… it’s get rich SLOW… you work hard at the beginning for little money and you work little later on for big money
Volume takes time to accumulate, skills takes time to accumulate….. you need to be prepared for this!

30 day challenge: get a calendar and at the end of each day draw a square and put the number of people you shared your business with, or at least new friendship that you formed. You can’t change something that you don’t see. Awareness is the FIRST step towards change! If you are looking at 0 every day at the end of the month, it’s not your sponsor’s fault, it’s not your company’s fault, it’s YOUR responsibility, it’s YOUR business!

Focus-Focus-Focus, you can’t chase 2 rabbits and catch them both, if you are riding two horses with one leg on each horse, you won’t be able to ride long enough before you fall! There are too many shiny objects, it’s best to build one thing for 10 years, then 10 things for 1 year each.

Success happens when you Decide and stay Focused!



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