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Interview with Brian & Rhonda Swan Unstoppable Family they earn lots of money traveling

A little bit about the Unstoppable Family Story from their blog http://www.UnstoppableFamily.com

Our Unstoppable Story

We are Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei Swan, otherwise known as The Unstoppable Family.

We left our home in San Diego on November 25th 2008 and have been traveling around the world with our daughter Hanalei ever since. Our around the world trip was only meant to last two years, but now there is no end in sight at this moment. We are living proof that you can travel, live your dreams and make a sustainable income!

Looking at us today, you might find it hard to picture us in the corporate world back in San Diego. We were earning six figure salaries and supposedly living the ‘American dream’, with the luxury homes, cars and lifestyle that many people aspire to. Except there was one problem: inside we felt emotionally hollow and empty, like hamsters in a wheel.

Something had to change. Fast.

One thing we new for certain was we needed more freedom. We wanted to raise a child without having to put them through day care, so we set up a mobile business in the industry of personal development.

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Ray Higdon shared with me how he went from foreclosure to being the Top money earner and some secrets of the wealthy

janerayvibrational money immersion

Here is a 3 minute preview of the Google Hangout (interview) we did with Ray Higdon about what he did to go from foreclosure and having no money at all, not paying bills, eating $1 meals to being the Top money earner in his company, speaking on stages, releasing his info-products and now publishing a book…

Ray has played a HUGE role on my mindset transformation over the last couple of years through his training and blogs, so you DON’T want to miss what he is sharing!

You can watch the FULL 18 minute version of this interview HERE

Where at the very end of the interview you will be offered an incredible deal…

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How to create playlists in Youtube with Other People’s videos and market YOUR message legitimately!

create playlists Youtube Video Marketing Tips www.Jenya.TV www.JaneOrlov.com

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25 year old guy from Australia goes from mowing lawns to 315K per month in less then 2 years, Jane Orlov interviews Matt Lloyd



Marion spends thousands on different coaches… still was blown away, which I appreciate hearing very much! Thank you Marion


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Law of Attraction at work series! How I made amazing connections with powerful people…and you can too

I  wanted to share two stories with you guys, how law of attraction works in real life, and how some people magically appear in your life when you don’t expect… Everything happens for a reason, and when we step outside of our comfort zone and take some steps that seem out of the ordinary for majority of people, magic happens!

I taped two such stories below:

How I met Jeff Turner – President of Zeek Interactive (the company stands apart not only as a premiere WordPress website development company, but as a leader in the WordPress design and development community in Orange County)


Law of Attraction Works – How I met Michael Hellickson CEO of Virtual Assistant Staffing, one of the fastest growing virtual staffing agencies in the world…

You can view my interview with Michael Hellickson by clicking HERE


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I was just announced to be the Top Female Blogger in the Network Marketing Industry in 2012

Copy of Facebook Conversation earlier today:

Congratulations, Jane. You’ve hopefully touched even more people’s lives through doing this contest, and if they’ve any sense at all they’ll get in touch with you now to find out the secret to how you’re so awesome!If you’re reading this and you’re not Jane … ask Jane how you can learn more from her.
  • I am reading this and I am Jane. Thank you SOOOO much Rebecca!
  • All your work, smart lady. Get in the spotlight and shake your stuff.                      
  •  I am going to shake it hard!!!!
  •  Lol!

If the video above doesn’t play, click HERE to watch on YouTube.


To see how intense the contest was click HERE to watch a 1 minute video!



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Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest 2012 – True Story… who WON?

My name is Jane Orlov and have been marketing online less then a year, I have chosen Video Marketing as my method of expressing myself, which in my opinion is the best and fastest, most leveraging option out there…

Recently, one of my coaches Rebecca Woodhead mentioned: “Jane, you should participate in the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest”…. So I did and here is what happened 🙂

if the video above is NOT PLAYING for some reason click HERE to watch on Youtube.




George Fourie was joined by some of the top leaders and sponsors
of this years contest to announce the official Top 50
MLM Blogs for 2012 and hand out all the great prizes!


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Convert Video files to MP3s for FREE in minutes for Mac Users with Jane Orlov

How to extract Audio from Video using I-movie,convert WAV file into MP3 file using I-Tunes
If you have a video that is longer then 15 minutes, it might be a good idea to have an audio file (mp3) of it as well, so that people can download it and listen while running errands. Jane Orlov shows how to extract audio file from video using I-movie program on mac and also how to turn wav audio file to a more compact size mp3 file using I-Tunes on mac.

Ever watch 1 hour webinar and wonder I wish they had an mp3 version of it, so that I could download it to my phone and listen while running errands….. Or you created a webinar and want more people to get your information, then offer an mp3 downloadable version of it to your audience…. and if you have a map computer you can learn it from me after watching my SUPER valuable 5 minute tutorial, which took me many hours and hours of watching tutorials and on the phone with apple support to learn!!!!! Now you can have it for free….

Tags:Jane Orlov, How to extract Audio from Video using I-movie, and also, convert WAV file into MP3 file using I-Tunes, www.JaneOrlov.com

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Jane Orlov interviews John Chow who won $10,000 in Matt Lloyd’s contest at Add The Nitrous event

I (Jane Orlov) took 8th Place in Matt Lloyd’s contest, John Chow (blogging mogul) took 1st place and won $10,000 prize, I am interviewing him at the (Add The Nitrous) event , where he shares some of the awesome tips for bloggers…

Who is John Chow?…..info taken from his blog:

Blogger, speaker and entrepreneur. John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years. And he did it working only 2 hours a day.

If the video does NOT play for you click HERE to watch directly on YouTube.

Today, John Chow dot Com is one of the biggest blogs on the Internet, with over 200,000 active daily readers and followers. John Chow dot Com is ranked number 16 on the AdAge Power 150 list and number 1 in the list of the Top 50 Canadian Internet Marketing Blogs. He also is the founder and CEO of TTZ Media, Inc.

John is the Author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed to #1 on Amazon.com within the first week of release. He has written many other books and runs one of the biggest money making blogs in the world. He has been featured in such publications as The Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ming Pao Magazine and BC Business Magazine. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows, like The Lab with Leo Laporte and Global Morning News.

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I shared the stage with as well as got another interview with Todd Falcone

Todd talks about what is takes to succeed in Network Marketing, how to deal with unsupportive spouses, how people build their businesses in other countries, etc


2 minutes of FUN OUTTAKES:




About Todd:
Todd Falcone speaks and trains on the subject of network marketing success and helps people move to a position of achieving Network Marketing Mastery®.

Todd consults network marketing company owners as well as coaches and trains top-level distributors throughout the profession.

Todd has over 20 years of full-time experience in the field of network marketing and direct selling, and now devotes all of his time to teaching and educating on the subject.

Todd has devoted his entire professional life to achieving expertise and mastery in the arena of network marketing. He has conducted thousands of conference calls, webinars and live events in front of tens of thousands of people in literally every country throughout the world.

He is the President of Reach4Success, LLC and is the author of numerous articles and training programs, including Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals, How to Win in the Game of Prospecting, The Little Black Book of Scripts, and The Fearless Networker, just to name a few.

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Multiple interviews with Ray Higdon (True Rags to Riches Story)!


About Ray Higdon

Ray went through child abuse, drug abuse, it took him 5 years to finish high school… It didn’t keep him from changing his life around…

Just a few short years ago, Ray was in personal foreclosure and devastated as a former real estate investor. Just a few short years later was able to bounce back by building a network marketing business. He’s passionate about helping people do the same.



Full 15 minute interview with Ray

Questions we go over in this interview:
Could you ask everyone what was the traffic method that generated their first lead?  Did they call their first leads if they left a phone number and if so, did they try to sell or just offer help? What was the turning point in their business that took it from struggling in darkness to forward movement towards success?
What they would do today if they were just starting out to avoid overwhelm, cut to the chase, and get results.
Out of all the ways to market a biz, What one method should a new person learn first to get started? Also, what habits and behavior did you have to learn to provide more and more for your team as you get bigger.
Could you ask Ray how did he create massive duplication in his team before he became the company top earner? I heard him say he did offline and online prospecting from the start, but it was mostly online prospecting that built his success to become the top earner. Could you verify that he didn’t start blogging and building a list until after he was the top earner in his company?

FULL 12 minute interview with Ray

about importance of mindset

Ray has a 6 week transformational course about Mindset…. which we cover in the interview, here is a tiny bit I grabbed from his description:

It is time to divorce the negative emotions that run so many people’s lives. My goal with this course is to change the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Here are the details and how you can participate…

  • Shift your negative emotions to positive (regardless of your circumstances). IF you are in a really bad part in your life, this course may just save your life.
  • Help you understand exactly how to get more results out of every single action in your life
  • How to live positively even with negative people in your immediate life

If you want to check out Ray’s “The Power Mind” course and get my “Social

Media Manual for Beginners” course as a bonus, then click on the picture BELOW.



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I am a model! Whoo-hoo :-) Organic Facelift that works wonders!


For those of you who don’t know, but I am very actively building Essante Organics, which is a network marketing company that specializes in a whole catalog of 100% Toxic-Free, Chemical-Free and Organic living… So recently we launched an amazing skincare line and I got to be a model for the application video 🙂

How awesome is that? lol  Would love to hear some feedback comments below….

1 – Anti-Aging Repair Cream
1 – BioEnhanced Facelift
1 – Vital Eyes Eye Cream
z3… Zoom back in time & look younger in 3 minutes! z3 BioEnhanced Facelift Duo is a 100% certified Toxic Free & organic 2 step facelift system that moisturizes, firms, tightens, lifts, reconstructs, repairs DNA and generates both collagen & elastin. It also eliminates wrinkles, bags, dark circles, acne and puffiness. It’s for men & women who want younger skin instantly. Results are dramatic and permanent. z3 is Essante’ ORGANICS patented, gold-metal award-winning Bio Tri-peptide, scientifically proven to repair DNA and generate more collagen & elastin than any other ingredient on earth. This intense formulation includes today’s most renowned, organic, anti-aging ingredients including: z3 Botanical Stem-Cells, White Tea Leaf Extract and Malachite mineral. It delivers such dramatic results, we dare you to only use it on half your face.

1. Apply Anti-Aging Repair Cream in upward strokes to face & neck. Wait 30 seconds.
2. Apply Vital Eyes Eye Cream & makeup (if desired).
3. Apply BioEnhanced Facelift gel, lift & hold above each area you desire major lift.
4. Do not rub or apply other products after BioEnhanced Facelift gel is set.

.100% certified toxic free & organic
. 98% effective in immediate, measurable, long-term, permanent results
. 93% improved elasticity, produces 17 times more collagen & elastin
. 92% improvement of firmer, fuller skin
. 90% of subjects found skin more tone, firm, healthier, plumper & moist
. 77% increase in lifting
. 78% increase in hydration, stimulates water holding for youthful look
. 75% of subjects noted immediate smoothing effect
. 56% reduction of dryness
. 50-80% of skin is held up in position by Facelift gel (Step 2) once dry
. 10% decrease in jaw line profile (firmer skin along jaw line)
. Significant decrease in progerin (main cause of wrinkles & sagging)
. Eliminates/minimizes wrinkles, stress lines, smile lines, imperfections
. Eliminates under eye dark circles, bags & puffiness
. Rebuilds, repairs the dermis & epidermis, promotes cell cohesion
. Repairs DNA, increases skin’s metabolism, creates clear, glowing skin
. Re-sculpts & relaxes the facial muscles
. Educates cells to break every 28-32 days, occurs in young 25yr old skin
. Results within 2-5minutes, takes 5-10 years off your appearance
. The FDA has not evaluated these statements
. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or prevent any disease

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Did you know your body can heal ITSELF? ALKALIZE…If something hurts check it out!

Did you test your PH lately? and WHY should you!!! Google “Why Alkalize”?
Document from which the slides were taken here: http://goo.gl/4Z9a0
So Why Alkalize?
There are many systems in the body that must function within a balanced state. Yo
ur temperature (98.6), your levels of blood sugar, oxygen and carbon dioxide and yes, your pH! The delicate balance between the acid and alkaline level of your body fluids, should be at least 7.2-7.4, slightly alkaline. When you keep your body in a slightly alkaline state, you have the greatest chance of restoring yourself to a better state of health and thus increasing your vitality.

When the body is in an acid state; infection and disease may have a greater chance to thrive. Acidity has also been linked, as a contributor, to various chronic degenerative conditions….



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Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, John Reece – Some People Take Massive Action and Others Don’t! WHY?

The ONLY thing that holds people back from success is revealed in this interview!
Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reece who have made as much as million dollars per day talk about “WHY” some people are successful and some are NOT, and how to change that!
Tony shared the 4 step SUCCESS formula: Potential – Action – Results – Belief! And how it all ties together and makes sense!
They also talk about how painting a CLEAR picture in your mind will make you to take more action and get results…. Not all Action is created equal, find out the right way!

If you want to change something in your life, I invite you to take a look at what helped me to stay in that “peak state” Tony was talking about CLICK BELOW:


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Learn the quickest way to profit! Interview with Nick Unsworth (Social Media Pro, Speaker)

Two Social Media Gurus connected 😉
In this short interview Nick shared his ACTUAL blueprint to Success with word for word script and steps he took!!! WOW…Powerful strategies!
Nick’s “Professional” bio:
Nick Unsworth is a Social Media Pro who teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and service professionals how to build a tribe of raving fans, followers, and customers that will grow their brand and bottom line.
Social Media Opportunity:
Build a tribe.  Monetize your passion.
Live your dream.
Ability to create fame or expert status in your niche in record time.
Social Media = FREE customers that call you!



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