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Russian born, used to feel like unworthy, stupid, overweight housewife with no purpose, then transformed into self-confident, fast growing internet/network marketer, hanging out with LEADERS ... "Hot chick" with BIG goals....All that using videos as a medium plus some marketing tricks! I can help you do the same CLICK HERE to find out how...

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100% Toxic-Free Disinfectant, Sanitizer (RAW CHICKEN/HUMAN EYES) Test!

http://www.WhyJane.wentOrganic.com to get this product at a 30% off retail price (Only $12)
Front/Back Label: http://goo.gl/pT0hyd

Thanks for watching our “demonstration” video. Please enjoy the clinical data sheet on Sanitizer: http://goo.gl/0XZDDQ. The objective of this “demonstration” video is to measure contamination levels before and after product use. To measure contamination levels, only the counter top surface is swabbed, in other words the tip of the medical swab only comes in contact with the counter top surface and nothing else. At no time do we physically touch the tip of the medical swabs, only the counter top is in contact with the swabs. The swab is then inserted into a special tube with a liquid solution, that is activated and released once the cap is snapped. Jane wiped her hands after touching the chicken with a white napkin soaked in Sanitizer to kill bacteria. Jane also sprayed Sanitizer on her eyes to kill all bacteria. To further validate the video, it is left uncut and unedited, so results cannot be altered “off film”. The disclaimer at the end of the video shares that the FDA has not evaluated the statements in the video and that products do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Thank you, Essanté Organics.

Essante Organics Sanitizer For Body & Home

Simplify and experience Essante Organics Sanitizer, the 1 multi-purpose antibacterial and cleaning product that replaces every toxic cleaning agent and antibacterial treatment you own. It’s safer, works better and purifies instantly. 100% certified Toxic Free Active ingredient: safe, effective stabilized oxygen Antibacterial (Kills 99%-100% of bacteria: see chart) Antifungal (Kills 99%-100% of Fungi see chart) Antiviral (Kills 99%-100% of Viruses see chart) Purifies & sanitizes: nothing can live in stabilized oxygen Safe for all ages & nursing mothers Safe for the body (see details) Safe for all surfaces (see details)

Safely and effectively cleans and disinfects the body: Athlete’s Foot Canker sores Fever blisters Underarms Acne Eczema Psoriasis Skin tags and warts Manage wounds Manage infections Safe for nursing moms, pregnant moms, infants

Safely and effectively cleans and disinfects all surfaces: Glass: streak free shine Fabric: pillows, sheets, towels, removes tough stains Kitchens: granite, formica, tile, countertops, stovetops, food prep areas, sinks, appliances Floors: tile, granite, most wood floors, most carpets Kid’s areas: toys, highchairs, play areas, diaper bins Bathrooms: sinks, counters, tubs, showers, toilets Doorknobs, metal, plastic, and most surfaces Office: furniture, phone receivers, keyboards, computer screens Gym equipment Most jewelry Pet bowls and pet areas The problem: Most households are filled to overflowing with harmful, dangerous, poisonous, noxious cleaning agents. Have you ever asked yourself why people lock their cleaning products up, out of harms way, away from their toddlers, only to use them on every surface in their home? Every time you inhale and smell Windex, or Lysol, or your floor cleaner, or furniture polish, etc., you are inhaling toxins that can accumulate in the lungs, bloodstream and other organs and they can cause serious harm. The solution: Simplify and experience the 100% certified Toxic Free, all-in-1 cleanser, deodorizer, and disinfectant: Sanitizer by Essante Organics. Enjoy one powerful product that does it all: it makes glass & windows sparkle brilliantly with a perfectly streak-free shine! It cleans, purifies, sanitizes, cleanses, disinfects & deodorizes everything. Replace all surface cleaners, Lysol-type products & body aids right now. It is an exceptional all natural, safe anti-bacterial that kills 99% of germs on contact safely & organically. Bacteria can cause havoc: If a cold sore is lurking under the surface, spray once on the lips. Use on acne or to help eliminate a bacterial infection. Spray on the feet to stop itchy athlete’s foot. It can be a strong armor & flu-fighting aid as it manages bacteria & other pathogens effortlessly during flu season & all year. Mini Sanitizers: Order this large 8 oz. Sanitizer to fill empty mini 1 oz. Minis are perfect for passing out as free samples, traveling on airplanes, stuffing in stockings, or promotional gifting. Pack 1 in your purse, briefcase, car, gym bag, desk drawer, diaper bag, backpack, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, and locker. Keep 1 with you always to quickly sanitize your hands & all surfaces you are about to come in contact with. Everyone will ask about it & then they will order it from you. Packaging and storage: This product is packaged in a solid white container to protect the active ingredient of stabilized oxygen. Avoid storing in the sun or extreme temperatures for best performance.

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Confidence Vs Limiting Beliefs, Saturday Success Training With Jane Orlov & Kimra Luna

Confidence Call Saturday Success Training, Jane Orlov, Jenya Russian Firecracker, Kimra Luna, Essante Organics, www.Jenya.TV
Join Jane Orlov (Jenya Russian Firecracker) & Kimra Luna for a Saturday Success Training Call
“Self Confidence vs Limiting Beliefs”
Downloadable Audio Replay:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
A successful person is the one, who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him/her!!!
David Brinkley
Our beliefs are so powerful that they literally create our reality. Our perceptions translate into our experiences.
Our beliefs are so powerful that they actually provide the instructions for how well our bodies operate and function. If we believe that we are naturally healthy and vital beings, we will be. If we believe ourselves to be powerful, creative, and capable, we will be. If we believe something to be easy or hard, it almost always turns out that way. When we believe ourselves to be victims of circumstance (no matter what the source), we will remain as victims. Possible or impossible, the decision is always up to us. This is the brilliance of it all – we get to choose who and what we wish to become, no matter what anyone else says or thinks! Our attitudes and self-perceptions are vitally important, as we are literally defining and creating who we are in each moment. Reclaiming our authentic power is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects we are facing at this time in our lives.
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Beginners Guide To Video Marketing, Video Marketing For Beginners, How To Market Your Business With Videos!

Video Marketing For Beginners Essante Organics Jane Orlov Jenya Russian Firecracker youtube imageIn this video me and my business partner Kimra go over the importance of video marketing, how to overcome fear of being on video and I reveal STEP-BY-STEP NEVER shared before technique that I use with my videos and how almost 1000 people were able to find my video without me paying for ANY advertising and my students were able to achieve amazing results with, even Internet Marketing Gurus go “Ah, I didn’t know that” when I share this technique with them 🙂


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How To Make Your Facebook Positive And Profitable With Jane Orlov


Essante Organics, jane orlov, jenya russian firecracker, facebook training, facebook tips, facebook tutorials..


Listen to this recording and find out how to make your Facebook Posts more visible – getting more traffic, leads, potential customers!

Video Tutorial on how to create your Facebook Cover Picture for FREE with Easy to use drag and drop tool: youtu.be/JQ-1qpf4RC8

Video Step-by-Step tutorial on how to use Free Facebook Graph Search to find very targeted leads by interest, location…etc.: youtu.be/DuqEpAXi1Xk


kimra's testimonial

amanda's testimonial

Victoria's testimonial

Jojo's testimonial

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How To Make Your Facebook Positive And Profitable With Jane Orlov

 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO LISTEN TO THE TRAINING!   Listen to this recording and find out how to make your Facebook Posts more visible – getting more traffic, leads, potential customers! Video Tutorial on how to create your Facebook Cover Picture for FREE with Easy to use drag and drop tool: youtu.be/JQ-1qpf4RC8 Video Step-by-Step […]

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Why I chose Network Marketing as a lifelong career and Why I chose Essante Organics! Jane Orlov, Jenya Russian Firecracker

Highlights of Network Marketing Industry:
HUGE personal development, invaluable leadership skills, communication skills, marketing skills, inspire other people, change people’s lives, working with people you love, tax advantages of a small business…
Highlights of Essante Organics:
Love educating people with third party validation from EWG (Environmental Working Group) Go to http://www.EWG.org/skindeep and enter your favorite product that you use the most and check the toxicity levels of the ingredients!
* 100% Organic, Toxic-Free, Chemical-Free
* Over 70 pages of certifications
* Only 6 companies in the world carry Toxic-Free Foundation Seal
* Very stable, debt-free company
* Pre-momentum, fast growing
* Best compensation plan: no flushing, no caps, unlimited depth (no level cut-offs)
* No website fees, no admin fees, etc
* Free quarterly training Great Green Events
* Global company in many countries
* According to CNN organic global spending is at 8% right now and will rise to 98% over the next 7 years
* Catalogs build companies: we have over 70 products in the catalog, and hundreds more already formulated
* Welcome internet marketers (open to different ways of marketing, no limitations)
* #1 unsolicited publicized network marketing company (has been featured on TV, radio and in multiple magazines without paying for advertising more then all the other network marketing companies combined).
1. Once a person purchases the $29.95 website they may purchase whatever products they desire, whenever they want at a 30% discount. This savings can pay for itself with just the first order.
2. That person may decide to or not to do the business BUT their enroller can still place that person in their organization. The enroller and others can build below the person who purchases the website. Since we build only 2 legs, if someone builds as we teach, that person can receive spillover.
3. Does the company charge a monthly website fee? Essante’ Organics does not. Many companies have you pay $10-$20/month to get full access to your website, e-commerce shopping cart and password protected back office. We pride ourselves in not nickeling and diming the Executives especially when it comes to essentials necessary to build their business. When a company charges those fees, the company wins, not the field because these are typically NON commissionable expenses. If you have extra money to spend we’d prefer you purchase more chemical free and organic products from us. When this occurs your household is healthier and your enroller and above can get paid.
4. Is Personal Volume (auto ship or a monthly order) required to be eligible for a check? With Essante’ Organics, a website owner is eligible for 1 of our 6 checks with no monthly financial commitment. They can be eligible for more checks with a 40 POINT/month order, even more checks for a 75 POINT/month order and they can be eligible to max out the compensation plan with a 100 POINT/month order. Many companies have you paying $120/month before you can be eligible for any compensation. Obviously people who “get it” will be products of the products. Leaders would never purchase products from a competitor especially when Essante’ Organic’s ingredients are superior.
5. Is your monthly order in a category that you would have purchased regardless of being in that company or not? With Essante’ Organics, we have built and continue to expand upon a catalog of every day consumables. Toothpaste, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizers etc. We create items everyone uses everyday BUT we make those products 100% Toxic Chemical Free and Organic. When one understands this, they realize much of their monthly money that they invest in their health with Essante’ Organics products would have been spent on chemical laden inferior products at their local store. Compare this with a company that has you purchase your everyday consumables at the store as usual, but then has you spend $100/month on a juice, pill, coffee or protein powder.
6. Essante’ Organics has never nor will ever change the compensation plan. If a company changes or “enhances” the compensation plan, It rarely (if ever) benefits the bulk of the field. It typically means more profits for the company and occasionally the very top distributors.

Jenya Russian Firecracker, Jane Orlov, Network Marketing Tips, Internet Marketing Tips, Why Essante Organics, Michael Wenniger, Best working from home opportunity, best network marketing, best mlm, organic mlm, legitimate work from home business

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Mask, shorten and TRACK your links (Affiliate or Network Marketing Links)

Short Video on how to mask your LONG Affiliate or Network Marketing Links, How to shorten them and mostly importantly TRACK clicks (how many people clicked on them, where the traffic came from and when)… Using FREE Google Tool!

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How to set up Google Hangout on Air and Broadcast, Stream it LIVE, Record and Share

Google Hangout is a very VALUABLE FREE tool, you can setup meetings with anybody in the world, they could be private or public!

In this tutorial I describe step by step how to setup and run Google Hangouts on Air, live stream/broadcast them, and have them recorded and share with people who missed the live presentation right away, there is also no time limit on how long you can record it…
Best alternative to running webinars because it’s a free service and you can also share your screen, view up to 10 people inside and unlimited amount of people can watch it. You can share your screen, share documents, watch YouTube videos together and more!

From Wikipedia:
“Hangouts” are places used to facilitate group video chat (with a maximum of 10 people participating in a single Hangout at any point in time). Only Google+ users can join the “Hangout” if they happen to possess the unique URL of the Hangout.[37] On August 18, 2011 Google added a new addition to “Hangouts” – clicking on the Share button under any YouTube video reveals an icon that suggests watching the video with friends in a Google+ hangout.

how to do hangout on air, how to set up google hangout, how to livestream google hangout, how to make google hangout recording, how to view youtube videos on google hangout, how to livestream google hangout, how to set up google on air, Jane Orlov

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Overcoming the fear! (Korean Spa Experience) is a great example of transforming your mind from self-conscious to confident and being happy within yourself!

My friend and business partner Lorna (Luna) and I are going to show you some awesome features of the spa 🙂

Overcoming the fear! (Korean Spa Experience) is a great example of transforming your mind from self-conscious to confident and being happy within yourself!

Visiting Korean Spas is one of my favorite things to do, I used to be very self-conscious and avoided this for the longest time, but once I overcame my fears and insecurities, I was hooked….(You see, the wet areas of the spa require you to undress completely and be comfortable in front of other women…) 

The best feeling in the world is when after you had a thorough scrub and your pores are open, you sweat and detox in a steam room…. (the skin feels SOO soft like a baby’s bottom) Then after you get all hot in the steam room, you jump in the ICY cold pool and then lay down! I can’t even describe how awesome it feels, you NEED to experience it for yourself!

And it’s very affordable… If you just go to use the all the facilities it’s only $20 for the whole day… and if you want to be pampered with a scrub, and a massage (where you get rubbed with olive oil, hot milk, honey and get minced cucumbers applied to your face and neck, plus get all extra stuff like facial, head massage, etc)… only $99 and you can stay and use the facilities all day!



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4 Beliefs and 3 D’s to have to SUCCEED in Network Marketing

4 beliefs and 3 d's

I did a presentation over the phone for my primary company yesterday, and I believe that these are very important topics that I covered and would help you in YOUR business… My presentation starts at minute 14 of the call and goes on for about 30 minutes…




The 4 Belief and 3D’s in Network Marketing with Jane(Jenya) Orlov

4 Beliefs:
1. Believe in the Industry, are people making money in this profession? (BE CONFIDENT) it’s a legitimate industry (it’s just a way of distribution to the end consumer) bypassing the middleman!
Recommended book “FIRST YEAR IN NETWORK MARKETING” by Mark Yarnell…
2. Believe in the Company (vision of the company, do they have the vision that you are passionate about to promote long term for 15-20 years?”
3. Believe in the Products, do people NEED your products and services? Network Marketing people get paid to move/promote the products to the end consumer. Do you use the products yourself, have you experienced benefits from using the products?
4. Believe in YOURSELF! That you can do it,

BELIEF IS ELEVATED AND BUILT BEYOND BELIEF AT LIVE EVENTS!!!! Where you can see successful people that they are the SAME people, not any different that you…!

TREAT THIS OPPORTUNITY as a “GIFT” that could change somebody’s life for the BETTER
A lot bigger VIEW of this then just selling stuff… When you believe with your CORE, there is a different energy about you, people want a piece of this excitement (when you catch on FIRE)

You can’t become competent if you are not doing it… Make mistakes, learn from your experience, and every time you will do it you will be more confident

3 Dos:
1. Decide! If you desire to change, then you have make a decision and take every steps in changing your life around, we make decisions every day! Decide that you will work this business, like no other, you will either succeed or “die trying” “burn the bridges”, people who succeed in this profession, have a very strong “WHY” and they have no other option then to propel forward.
2. Develop… skills: (communicating skills, inviting to the presentation skills, closing skills, presentation skills, team building skills, leadership skills).
3. Do! Talk to people, build relationships, if you work on your skills great, attend meeting building belief, but those are not profit producing activities, the profit producing activity is EXPOSURE, how many people did you talk about your business today?

The only way to the money is exposure ( not studying, not book reading, or attending the meeting without bringing anybody…

It’s not get rich quick… it’s get rich SLOW… you work hard at the beginning for little money and you work little later on for big money
Volume takes time to accumulate, skills takes time to accumulate….. you need to be prepared for this!

30 day challenge: get a calendar and at the end of each day draw a square and put the number of people you shared your business with, or at least new friendship that you formed. You can’t change something that you don’t see. Awareness is the FIRST step towards change! If you are looking at 0 every day at the end of the month, it’s not your sponsor’s fault, it’s not your company’s fault, it’s YOUR responsibility, it’s YOUR business!

Focus-Focus-Focus, you can’t chase 2 rabbits and catch them both, if you are riding two horses with one leg on each horse, you won’t be able to ride long enough before you fall! There are too many shiny objects, it’s best to build one thing for 10 years, then 10 things for 1 year each.

Success happens when you Decide and stay Focused!



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How to edit Picture in Picture (Video in Video) in I-Movie with Jenya

I have been asked how I edit videos, so that there is a moving/sliding picture background behind a smaller video in the middle or on the side, I explain in this tutorial how I do it.

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Audio Interview “Jenya’s story from housewife to Video Marketer” by Vitaly Grinblat (Magnetic Sponsoring)




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What is the difference between a facebook personal profile and a business facebook fan page?

what is the difference between a facebook profile and a facebook business page, tutorial how to choose between using a facebook profile and a fan page, with Jenya Russian Firecracker, Jane Orlov, www.JaneOrlov.com, www.Jenya.TV, Video Confidence Coach http://youtu.be/rv1OMDHQASE

I mentioned about how to create custom tabs on you facebook page for FREE, here is my tutorial for that:

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Spraying ORGANIC sanitizer in your mouth? eyes? nose? how cool is that…+ have you checked the ingredients of your toothpaste?

Where have you seen a sanitizer (that kills germs) that you can spray on ANY surface, and on ANY part of your body including mouth, nose, eyes, and ears??? 100% safe, organic and non-toxic!
Plus did you know that anything you put under your tongue (sublingual) enters your bloodstream in 60 seconds? So check your toothpaste ingredients on a third party non-profit website!

You can BUY this sanitizer here: http://goo.gl/rxaGrh
Video about Nosebleed that I mentioned: http://youtu.be/uLnPShKXsAM

Video about Nosebleed that I mentioned: http://youtu.be/uLnPShKXsAM

Replace all those harmful, toxic, household-cleaning agents with 1 powerful product. It even makes glass & windows sparkle brilliantly leaving a perfectly streak-free shine! Enjoy the 1 single product that will clean, purify, sanitize, cleanse, disinfect & deodorize everything. Replace all surface cleaners, Lysol-type products & body aids with THIS to kill 99% of germs on contact safely & organically.

Safe for glass, wood, plastic, granite, cloth, skin & every surface. It’s an exceptional all-natural anti-bacterial agent for all surfaces including pillows, food prep areas, exercise equipment, desks, toys & changing tables, door knobs, phone receivers, keyboards, etc.

Spray in/on the eyes, ears, nose, throat, lips, hands & feet. It’s an exceptional antibacterial & the best way to manage pathogens, bacteria, fungi & viruses. Our Customers & Executives use it against eye styes, strep throat, cold sores, athletes foot, acne, surface pathogens & more because bacteria & fungi find it almost impossible to survive in 100% stabilized oxygen, the primary active ingredient in Essante Organics Sanitizer.

Bacteria can cause havoc. If someone feels the onset of a scratchy throat, spray generously into the mouth & throat. If a cold sore is lurking under the surface, spray on the lips. Use on acne or on an eye stye to help eliminate a bacterial infection. Spray in ears to assist with infections & on the feet to stop itchy athlete’s foot. It can be a strong armor & flu-fighting aid as it manages bacteria & other pathogens effortlessly during flu season & all year.

Purified water, stabalized active oxygen, sodium cocoyl glutamate (derived from coconut oil & glutamate amino acid), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

safe sanitizer, non-toxic sanitizer, alcohol-free sanitizer, non-toxic sanitizing spray, non-toxic hand sanitizer, organic sanitizer, organic sanitizing spray, Essante Organics, Jane Orlov, Jenya Russian Firecracker, non-alcohol hand sanitizer, non-alcohol sanitizing spray, safe sanitizer baby toys


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Amazing how Rebecca went from not being able to speak after coma to Best selling author and coach!

Mind blowing how Rebecca went from not being able to speak after coma to Best selling author and coach!
This magazine is currently available for free download on Apple’s Newsstand. It keeps hitting the most downloaded lists. Let’s get it to #1 this time. Please share this around and give your friends access to some amazing minds, for free. The direct link ishttp://thesbomag.com/

Rebecca’s website is:


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