Additional Tips Not Provided In The Instructions


  • Clean the hair (lashes or brows) with soap (better to use Baby tearless shampoo, to avoid irritation) and dry completely to remove natural oils.

  • Take a cotton swab and apply Vaseline or thick eye cream to the side of the eye leave that will go against the skin. (If you try to apply the Vaseline directly to your skin, you end up getting some on the lashes and it blocks the dye.) This trick helps the eye leaves to stay in place and also will help the dye that is accidentally applied to the skin to wash off).

  • Place Eye Leaves under the eye area. (When you run out of eye leaves, ordinary kitchen parchment paper works great!)

  • The liquid is clear color, and gel in the tube is clear color, but when they make contact it becomes black/brown depending on color specified on the box. Don’t be surprised and apply the liquid and gel precisely to the area you would like to dye.
    Better to wear gloves, so that hands don’t get dyed.

  • If somebody helps you, you can close the eyes. The helper would then apply the liquid to both rows of lashes (upper and lower).
    If you are doing it yourself, then you could keep your eyes open and just apply it like mascara.


IMPORTANT TIP: for some people it would be more comfortable to use clean mascara brush (NOW INCLUDED ) instead of comb that is provided for applying the gel. Also you may use a clean (separate) mascara brush (not provided) to apply the liquid to the lashes instead of a cotton applicators (provided), since cotton soaks up the liquid, which otherwise would be used on the lashes. This way the liquid would last longer.


  • If you still accidentally apply some gel on the skin, try to wash it off with soap. If this doesn’t work, apply Vaseline to the area at night, should be easier to wash off in the morning.

  • The bottle with liquid should be stored in upright position, so that it would not leak.

  • If you would like darker effect, wait longer then 1 minute after you apply the gel. (Approximately 2-3 minutes, but no longer then 10 minutes).

  • If you would like lighter effect, wash off right after you apply the gel.

  • My customers have used this product not only for lashes and brows, but for mustache, beards, and even private areas of the body.


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